You are all aware of the issues surrounding unacceptable behaviour on our buses, as a young person this is usually the only mode of transport available other than walking or bike !

However some of our young people here at Childwall seem to think that being a nuisance at bus stops and on board the buses is fun. Sometimes playing around and being disorderly is not easily distinguished by passengers and people waiting at those bus stops. There have been two incidents recently that highlight this. This behaviour reflects badly on the school and yourselves. Passing motorists have had issues with students being reckless in the road, there are huge safety issues here. Putting yourself in danger is not an option and anyone running across busy roads, acting irresponsibly at bus stops and on buses will be challenged by myself. Lets put the message out loud and clear, stay safe and keep out of needless trouble. Remember if you are at the bus stop you are in the public are not in school, you can and will be treated accordingly.
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