Hate crime incidents can sometimes be whereby somebody scrawls graffiti on property maybe on walls or even on cars for instance. If somebody damages property in this way then this is called racially aggravated criminal damage and if the persons responsible are caught then they can attract a more severe sentence in court simply because hate for a particular group is displayed at the same time.


The daubing of terms such as "KKK" or the drawing of swastikas is totally unacceptable in todays society. If the people who did this kind of thing actually understood what these terms and signs meant then maybe they would think twice. As the Childwall College Police Officer I am keen to educate and advise our young people about Hate Crime, to explain what exactly hate crime is, what groups can be affected and how we as a college can play our part in tackling these issues.


If you know of anyone who is responsible for any incident of this sort then please use the SHARP system anonymously in order to prevent this kind of thing occurring.      

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